Understanding Your Audience


A recent article in PR News covered the changing lives of women. In it, it highlights the shifting cultural consciousness on women. The article states that 47% of Women that are in the child bearing age do not have children. So the article gives a lot of practical advice on viewing what is now half of all women in that age range. This could radically shift how we approach marketing and PR management for some companies. 

However, While it’s still good to know demographics, it is important for all viewers to understand these statistics and the actual weight they carry. 

  • Taking a blanket statement statistic that covers the entire U.S. may not reflect those stats in your area.
  • Marketing or PR campaigns range of influence is rarely limited to specific areas such as all women in a child bearing age range. Ads can have residual effects for women who are older or younger as well.
  • Of those 47%, it is unclear how many of them have aspirations of having families. Simply because they don’t have kids doesn’t mean they don’t want them. 

It is easy to see a glaring statistic and think “I must do something about this!” However, the reality of the matter is that the question is much more dynamic than a single number. As you continue in the PR world, think actively and thoroughly about your audience and don’t believe all stats your hear. 


Here is a link to the original article highlighting a perhaps growing area of women:



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