Meaningless Stats?


My friend and I were sitting watching his new born one and a half year old son watch the Seahawks game this last Autumn. We watch as the Seahawks score a touchdown (again) and his son throws his arms in the air and yells “touchdown”. Luckily he caught the picture on camera and threw it on Facebook exclaiming, “this is going to be Facebook famous!” His definition of Facebook famous was 20 likes. He got 82. That’s like 1/5 of his total friends! 

Now it may be easier to notice when your friends start talking about a picture or comment you made on a social media device but there is a huge disconnect between what people talk about and what they find amusing on the internet. Often times it can become difficult to judge the impact of “likes” “favorites” or similar aspects of social media. It’s challenging to determine the value of those aspects of social media.

and yet…

There is something to them. Popular brands and PR campaigns get likes and spoken about. So while they might not be an accurate measurement of what people are talking about or sharing, they do provide some insight. If you don’t have any likes that is a clear indicator that your campaign isn’t being talked about. While assessing some aspects of campaign success or impact, be aware of the impact of these stats and what they could mean. 

Here’s a link to a great article highlighting some of these details!


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