Response to Sarah’s Post on Colbert


Sarah Jane Johnson recently wrote a blog covering the multitude of activities Colbert has been involved in. he has done a remarkable job getting his face out there in a variety of different fashions. until Sarah’s post I hadn’t really thought of all of the PR positioning Colbert has done recently. He has been in the news, commercials, pretend running for office only to back out when he received a large sum of donations, and the list goes on. Colbert has done a phenomenal job “playing his character” out in his everyday life. he comes with a rather committed following and only seems to be growing. I wonder sometimes how he does as much as he does (he must have the Pepper Pots of Secretaries). So much of Colbert’s life revolves around saying controversial statements, being egotistical, and various hints of being real.

As a beginner in PR, Sarah’s article really revealed to me how much “positioning,” as my professor would say, that takes place in PR. Colbert is radically active not only in his own show and bringing current topics to the table for discussion, but he’s bringing dynamic characters to the show as well. 

It will be interesting to watch how the PR learns from some of the tactics that Colbert employs and if they learn how he does it so efficiently.

To check out Johnson’s blog and the original post, go here: 


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