Response to Kate Marez


Kate Marez wrote a blog outlining a problem American Girl has found themselves in. They are choosing to discontinued four dolls, two of which were of different ethnicity other than Caucasian . Marez highlights how across Twitter and Facebook people erupted with conflict. 

I agree with Marez that the incident was a bit over blown. Two of the dolls that were discontinued were Caucasian as well. The incident demonstrates a growing ease for people to complain about whatever they want and even companies that are on the far end of the controversy are not shielded from the growing anger monster known as social media. What’s worse, is that prior to social media giving a voice to everyone, companies had relative ease dealing with conflict that arose unless it was big. Nowadays they must be prepared to deal with the worst of it from small mistakes or even small choices. 

This American Girl Doll incident showcases just how rampant and problematic this is becoming. As we continue into the future and this problem grows, companies will need to be diligent and intelligent with what they share.


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