Perfecting the Fundamentals of PR


Not being in the forefront of the PR industry, I sometimes forget (neglect) some of the technical aspects of working in PR. It’s easy to get stuck on crisis management plans, but there are many other behind the scenes activities. Recently I came across an article I thought was helpful! It outlines how to create a PR plan and six steps to do so. Really there are more than 6 steps with the advice, but they add more comprehensive elements to each step. Two of the scenarios I want to focus on and reinforce the importance of are; Understanding your current scenario and establishing your goals.

In 2009, devastating natural disasters hit the small country of Haiti. Campaigns across the states began to go help the nation by providing aid and support. In a small way, the campaign was a success. Peoples lives were on the up and up. Homes were being built and roadways repaired. There was a problem though, we didn’t understand the situation and our goals were too shallow. What America saw as the problem was the natural disasters, what they missed was that Haiti’s capital was the third dirtiest city in the world (and this was not because of the natural disasters). What Haiti needed wasn’t a quick financial injection, but a doctor. Our goals were to help those devastated by the natural disasters, but we didn’t think about it correctly. We sent free labor over to rebuild roads which did help, but it also took jobs from all the Haitian workers ultimately taking food off their tables.

In preparing a PR plan, thinking over some of these problems will help ensure your product is of high caliber. Even if it’s your first rodeo or your 150th, it’s good to go back to the basics.

Check out the original article here:


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