Communication in Non-Profits


How do I get my voice out? There is a sea of sounds more active than a New York Street in Mid Day. It’s louder than standing in the marching band during a parade. What I have to say is important, so how do I make my voice be heard?

In our society presently we have a communication problem. It’s not what you’d expect either. We don’t have challenges getting our voice out. We have challenges because it’s so easy to get our voice out. So in the Non-Profit sector how do get our goal to the people? How do we overcome Cause- Fatigue? Often a good cause is treated more like catching a cold. We only want enough to inoculate ourselves from getting it worse.

A recent article in PR News online may not solve all of these problems, but what it will do is teach you 5 habits that will be a great starting point. The first (and focus of my post) point the author makes is asking the “So What” question. So often when we are so close to the inner workings of an event we fail to see how it’s being viewed from the outside. We forget what’s motivating us to do the book work or deal with hiring policy when we forget the why. Something Non-Profits attempt to do is stir up commitment from the community, in forms of volunteers, donations and publicity. This habit of stirring up commitment shouldn’t be lost within the company. Even the CEO must dedicate time to remember why he’s doing everything. Do not grow weary in remembering and rededicating to the cause.

To check out the full article and other helpful tips check it out here!


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