PRSSA Prompt Response: Social Media Taught in School?


The Prompt we are given to respond to is:

“More and more colleges and universities are instilling social media and digital marketing classes. Have you taken one of these classes? What did you learn? If you haven’t taken one of these classes or if your college doesn’t offer them, what do you wish professors would teach about the digital world?”

I am not a PR major, and prior to the class I am in now, I didn’t have much involvement in social media classes. That being said I am responding to what I wish we could be taught about Social Media. One of the problems I see with Social Media is that it is one of the fastest evolving platforms we encounter. It would be as difficult to map a constantly changing and evolving dimension of our lives as it would be to predict who the next #1 Best Seller Book will come from. There are changes and adaptions and currents that shape culture also shape social media and how we interact act with it. That being said what we can learn is language and professionalism of social media.


Imagine with me for a moment that you cannot spell. It’s like being taught how to spell instead of what to spell. If we are taught a word to spell, we may understand how to spell that word, but if given a new word we may will not know how to spell it. On the other hand if we are taught how to spell, we can do any word (well lets be real, we still struggle with some).  If we are taught how to use LinkedIn or Twitter, we may know how to use them effectively, but if they ever go out of style we would be left with a skill no one needs. However, if you teach us how to be professional in social media we will be able to learn how to adapt to social medias 5 or 10 years down the road in much better ways. Essentially teach us the “how” of social media and we can learn the “what” as it comes and goes. 


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