Response to Taylor Burbank’s “Shutterfly”


I recently read an article by a classmate regarding the “Shutterfly” incident last week. In her article she highlights the social media response after the fact and the negative impact it had on the community. If you don’t know what happened, simply put, Shutterfly sent out an email, either on accident or on purpose, congratulating women who had not given birth on their new born baby. It seemed like a simple mistake but it generated some outrage. Something Burbank pointed out was the growing hostility over the internet and how everyone now has a voice thanks to social media. We will only see this tendency increase especially as culture continues to polarize. There seems to be less and less “grace” (if I can use that word here) granted to anyone when a wrong has happened. If there is a possibility you will offend someone, well you better just know it’s going to happen. Either cultural consciousness needs to shift (although that’s nearly impossible to orchestrate) or we need to buckle down for the long hall. Disgruntled people will continue to get more and more of a voice and the problem is that we are all in that boat.

Think briefly about the last time someone cut you off…You got angry right? Of course you did, probably followed by some not so friendly words directed at the person who did so. Now think briefly on the last time you cut someone else off…Harder to remember isn’t it? Typically We attribute our errors as simple mistakes and dismiss them while ostracizing mistakes of others.

As more and more people gain a larger voice, professionalism and crisis management plans will need to be more fully developed and constantly revised as shifts in social media culture change. Stay on top of it! 

Thanks Taylor Burbank for your insight on the “Shutterfly” incident!

Here’s a link to her article!


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