PR Graduation Tips – Something We All Need to Hear


I recently came across an article in PR News on 7 post graduation tips for PR grads. I’ll just start off by saying, I know the stress well. being plagued by what’s next and how to get there. It is important to know some simple tools we can do (and ironically the 7th tip is to not stress) in order to make the step into the “real world.” We are nervous. We aren’t sure what’s next. We hear about how it’s impossible to get jobs and that the market is in decline. So in order to combat some of those problems, we need to look to guidance of those ahead  of us to know what to do. Cleaning up social media profiles and spending time creating a professional resume won’t just help in the PR field, but in any field. More and more social media has become integrated with our lives and resumes are often the first interaction a future employer has with you. Spending time in maintenance (and let’s be honest, we can all do that a little more often) can be a make or break it tool. Often times we feel as though we must “make a name for ourselves,” but taking a posture of humility and learning from what others have done can only benefit you. No body responds to the egocentric person in the room anyway. All that you can gain from applying these tools is a better face to present to those whom you may be working for in the future. 


Check out the original article here and take some steps today!


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