LinkedIn: The New Way to Find Volunteers?


LinkedIn recently expanded it’s use to include something incredibly important for those in the Non-Profit sector. There will now be a formal way for people seeking to make a difference in the world to get connected to those who can help them exercise their desire to help the world. LinkedIn will be providing a way to connect those people to Non-Profits. What this means is that Non-Profits will be able to find people seeking philanthropic avenues that can help them reach their goals. Moreover it is by location so users will be able to make a difference in their own community. The cost will be significantly reduced by 90% for Non-Profits searching through these means because the LinkedIn wants to make it affordable for those who want to make a difference in the world.

There are two problems that you may encounter at this stage of the process. The program is so new and unused that it may not yet be an efficient way to find people seeking altruistic events. The second is that smaller towns and communities may have extremely limited avenues for those people looking to help out. In little Ellensburg, you may not find ways to get involved in something you are passionate about as you may in Seattle or New York. It would be extremely interesting to see if they expand the usage of this type of networking to allow for national and international interactions as well.


Here is a link to the article for more information on the subject:


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