The Ever-Evolving Current of PR in Social Media


I recently read an article in Forbes magazine on how to effectively use different social media avenues. While I can’t speak on all of the topics in detail, (and I will put a link to the article below), I thought two were too good not to spend time on.


The first was the success and importance of using Instagram rather than other social media avenues. The primary reason stated was the visual nature of Instagram over other social media sites. Taking pictures of a speaker may better promote your event rather than posting what the subject material is covering. Our current trends value these pictures because well “they are worth a thousand words”. As we in the PR field must learn, and a good fact for those inside any industry, it is important to adapt to how people receive information rather than hoping old tactics will continue to be useful.  


The second was the reaction to using social media to respond in times of crisis. Every company will face problems and issues at some point or another. In the past some companies have received tremendous persecution for responding to a crisis through social media, but as the article approached this topic it had a different idea in mind. As much as people may react to social media being a platform that makes crisis management worse, it can be a tool to help manage some of the problem. It is a tool to communicate information as long as it is not the only tool. When a company doesn’t remain transparent (especially non-profits) they are under great scrutiny, and that fact doesn’t change if they only release minimal information. Don’t only use social media, but definitely make use of it! 


For more in-depth (and professional) look at how social media should be used check out the article here.


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