PR and Language Barriers


Source hosts a variety of different topic fields and among those fields I chose to go listen in on a topic on language barriers and the problems educators face even among people speaking the same language. To contextualize the research, bilingual teachers are having trouble teaching Spanish speaking students who are raised from different Spanish speaking backgrounds. One student may be from Peru and another Mexico and teachers may have a hard time speaking and teaching different dialects. In essence this would a problem a teacher in Germany may face when trying to teach English to someone from Texas and Washington at the same time. How they say the words and how they form sentences is uniquely different although not incorrect.

In the PR world this is important to understand because it demonstrates the difficulty and language barriers faced in PR tactics. It’s difficult for trained educators to cross linguistic boundaries even among the same language let alone across multiple generations. It will take skill and intimate knowledge of the target audience and their backgrounds. As a PR professional you will need to accumulate resources depending on your area and field in order to run effective campaigns across multiple language barriers.


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