State Stereotypes


In class I was asked to ask my peers about some of the stereotypes concerning South Carolina. I went on a mission and asked not only numerous peers of mine but also that of some older couples in the community. The results were, well, inconclusive. I’m not sure most of the people I asked could even point out where South Carolina was on a map, let alone had they heard anything about the state. The most common answer I received was that people think they had a ‘Southern Drawl’. The problem I believe was that South Carolina is located on the other side of the nation from Washington. Only one person I spoke with had ever been there and this may point out a flaw in the research and the marketing of the state. First, we obviously can’t make conclusions about a state when people have no idea what they are talking about. South Carolina isn’t the most spoken of state in our nation. However, none of what little people did say about the state was actually something good. Now the realistic effectiveness of making a campaign about South Carolina may not be worth it, but to start a nationwide campaign may be necessary to foster tourism. South Carolina might need to get a word out about what the state has to offer. As it stands I couldn’t find anything video or PR campaign related to South Carolina. If the state says nothing, then the gaps get filled by society and rumors. It may be time for South Carolina to show what it has to offer or at the very least give the nation something to identify with South Carolina so that they don’t do it themselves.


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