I Feel Numb


Desensitization happens when you get used to something that has been happening for a while and you begin to no longer notice it. How many of you reading this are aware of the fan on in the background or the beating of your own heart before you read this? When something is around us all the time we begin to become desensitized to it. We no longer pay attention to it. A recent youtube video demonstrates this reality regarding the homeless and how they are becoming invisible. This desensitization is beginning to happen among millennial. We are flooded with social media day in and day out. “Save the Tree’s!” “Adopt a puppy and save a life!” and the thousands of others we encounter everyday are becoming background noise. On top of that, people are already skeptical and on edge when it comes to how their donations and how their time is being spent. Unfortunately there is no way to grant some groups the “right” to talk about their cause over another so as this continues to happen, we will see it become harder and harder to have your voice stand out among the thousands of those biding for attention with you. Pulling at the heart strings will only continue to get more difficult. Companies will need to be acutely aware and adaptable to changing currents if they are going to want to continue to to have effective change.

Here’s a link to the youtube article regarding the homeless.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6jSKLtmYdM


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