Some Rivalries are Mutually Benefitial


Since Ad’s began they had a goal; “Buy our product and not theirs.” Sure there may be other goals like getting a potential candidate interested in your products etc, but as the old phrase goes, competition breeds excellence. A goal of an Ad now is not much different, but the approaches have taken an interesting turn. The goal of an Ad is to get people talking about and ultimately purchasing a product. Some Ad companies have begun interesting strategies using these rivalries to fuel conversation about their products. Most notably in recent history is the war between Taco Bell and McDonald’s. Taco Bell found men all named “Ronald McDonald” and had them recite their love for Taco Bell. Taco Bell responded by petting a Chiwawa. Now while the Ad’s may be competitive there is a fundamental difference between them and perhaps a political rivalry. Neither Ad is slandering the other. They aren’t just promoting a product, they are creating conversations. It erupted on my social media, daily conversations and even in class! If what they wanted was to create conversation, they deserve a big “well done!” 

Knowing that we have a short attention span as a generation, it will be interesting to see how this PR style will continue to evolve and how others will try to join. Interestingly and problematic is that while these two companies take the spotlight, no one is talking about the others. Where is Burger King? They may seem at odds with each other in the ads, but both companies are benefiting from their cooperation while others are being lost in the background. 


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