Social Media and PR Continued.


I recent read through an article regarding mistakes people fall under when they are posting on twitter or other social media outlets. Ill post a link to the list but it draws some questions I want to look into. It seems apparent that some companies are not aware of the effects of social media or the possible outcomes, while others have paved the way through mistakes. The difference between how Colbert handled a post on twitter from the Colbert Report and how the Kony 2012 campaign dealt with some of their unfortunate circumstances is quite stark. We are constantly evolving and learning new crisis management and as the world adjusts to social media we will continue to see this change happen.

There are some interesting trends happening. Most important the classic “tug at their heart strings” wasn’t on the list directly but could easily be referenced to a number of different areas. It is becoming more and more difficult to “tug on heart strings.” Not because people are becoming heartless, but because they are becoming desensitized to the bombardment of campaigns. “Help us! Look at the need! No we are struggling more!” Isn’t effective but more importantly it is actually causing a generation of hard to reach hearts. Instead of creating campaigns to demonstrate the need, maybe it’s time for a new tactic. 

A few days ago I overheard some girls speaking about a PR campaign. This wasn’t a social media stunt but rather a concerned citizen posted up at the college campus with pictures of aborted babies. I suppose their hope was to change women’s minds on the idea of abortion but her results weren’t what she had hoped. The girls speaking on the subject were more concerned with the pictures affecting their coffee time rather than their attitudes towards abortion. 

it’s time to change our strategies. If it helps the mission, maybe it’s time to reconsider what approach you are taking to achieve it.


Here’s a link to 12 other Social Media don’ts! Check it out!


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