How we Respond to Social Media.


In the ever-growing media age it is becoming increasingly important to respond quickly and effectively to posts on social media. Companies are learning that by ignoring this form of communication can have devastating effects. Some companies have gotten on the bandwagon already and respond quickly to those contacting them through social media and others have yet to learn. This is having such dramatic impact that some corporations have developed staff positions dedicated to monitoring and responding to social media. We are at a time that all voices can get heard and a single voice can carry immense weight. After all we are more likely to believe what our friend has posted than a corporation. 

One company in particular that I wanted to focus on is a newer smaller company who has already sunk its teeth into the field. Envision Culture isn’t a household name, but the work they do is having tremendous impact and will continue to increase. While they may not receive a ton of media traffic, they are utilizing social media in personal ways. People applying for internships are getting recognized. They are posting about events they have attended and personalizing some pictures. It shows the director interacting and speaking with students at various locations. Envision wants to interact with the millennial generation and they aren’t afraid to go where the students are at. They may be small now, but they have started good habits early and show clear signs of engaging well with social media use in the future. 


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