Response to “Blackfish”


Although it was a hard situation that Sea World had to respond too, I don’t know if I could have a real understanding of what happened with Sea World otherwise. Taking an opinion from that movie would be the same as attempting to buy a Mac computer from a Microsoft store. The movie had a motive. It wanted you to look at Sea World from the most negative perspective and made sure you did so. Some of the PR moves that were taken by the company were extremely poor choices, but i don’t know to the extent that they were true. For instance, in the movie multiple trainers spoke as if they didn’t understand the risks that were involved with some of the fish, but I don’t think that was an accurate representation of the situation. The trainers themselves spoke on the information they were given but only those who had become outspoken against Sea World. They would speak of the dangers of getting into the water with the animals at live shows, but claimed that they weren’t informed about the risks they were taking. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know personally how the dissemination of information happens at Sea World, but I don’t think that someone who was attempting to get the parks shut down would be a great source for that information. The amount of bias in the movie raised high skepticism and if nothing else I would ask all of my peers to take a second look at some of content of the movie. I couldn’t know the problems that Sea World was facing or the reasoning for those problems through “Blackfish.” Perhaps if I were directly involved, had multiple accounts from Sea World trainers on both sides of the issue, and more than one whale specialist, then perhaps I would have a better idea of what went on there. I won’t, however, fall into a trap that I fear many of my classmates had done. Namely, accept all the information and opinions in the movie as fact. I would hope that we are a generation of people asking to understand the other side of the issues, rather than swinging back and forth between the loudest person yelling. 


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