Mississippi in the Dog House


If you haven’t heard the story, their has been some negative attention on the Mississippi Governor. Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi, caused some controversy the other day when he made a statement about reasons why children are mediocre in school. His reasoning was that because there was no one at home to provide nurturing care to these children. However, his comment was assumed to negatively attribute the problem as women in the work place. At least according to ABC reporters that was the “firestorm” created after he made this comment. 

“I think when both parents started working, when mom started in the work place…” -Phil Bryant

He would go on to say that, “it’s not a bad thing that moms are in the work place,” but the damage was done. People began responding to this comment negatively which raises all kinds of questions about crisis management (and the state of affairs in our nation). 


Here’s a link to a video covering the story


If you watch the video, the Governor was obviously not attempting to put women at fault for the current education mediocrity but people have definitely clung to that as being the case. His statement would have been better phrased if he had never brought mothers into the subject, however he will have to do some work to get out of the spotlight on this issue.  

A question that PR professionals are going to have to answer in this matter; Is it better to allow his matter to go away on it’s own, or is he going to have to focus on restoring his image?


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