Surveys about Non-Profit giving?


I am always one to raise a skeptical eye when a report is posted. Even more so when it seems to benefit those posting it. According to an article posted in the Non-Profit times, a new post showing giving amounts from people nation-wide, showed that bible readers on average give six times more.  While I don’t have time to look in depth at the survey style and all of the other fine details, it might point to a growing trend that Non-Profits are going to need to start thinking how and who to focus their attention on. What may be even scarier for those seeking donations is that bible-readers are in decline. The study also showed that among the highest givers were the elderly and among the most outspoken about not giving any money were the millennials. Also, church attendance is in a decline nation wide. What will this mean for those in the non-profit sector and others relying on donations?

There are at least three possibilities that may arise from this information. 

1: The data is accurate: In this case, the Non-Profit sector will need to begin developing new strategies and hope to find a way to encourage giving among the new generation which the Kony 2012 campaign demonstrates can be done. 

2: The data is partly accurate: In this case, the Non-Profit sector needs to invest in finding out exactly which sections are accurate and developing reactions towards that data.

3: The data is inaccurate: In this case forget the article, but Non-Profit Times needs to check their sources. 


No matter what, Non-Profits need to take a serious look at the data. 


Here’s a link to the original article: 


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