Response To Sarah’s Instagram


Sarah Jane wrote an insightful article on the questionable activity of random accounts adding you on social media sites. Facebook may have a way to prevent random people from befriending you and monitoring your activity, but how do we act when random people follow us on Intragram or twitter? 

As the world gets more and more intertwined with technology we are losing much of our animosity. How do we go about hiding our activity? Much less do we even have a right to hide our thoughts when we are posting them to the “World Wide Web?” Sarah s article raised some challenging questions as I read through her article. 

Should online companies be obligated to take action like Instagram? Do these websites have a good way of monitoring suspicious activity and even if they did, should they use that technology? At least some boast about how many followers they have, (in fact numbers started getting dropped in our first day of class.) Should action be taken if it’s going to harm other uses of these media tools? 

In the case of her newly created account for Jam the City, she had multiple followers before anything was posted. That could have been the case of die hard fans or ghost accounts liking everything but in either case, shouldn’t a company, who’s desire is to generate a following, accept those new followers with open arms?

Overall, Sarah’s brief insight into the matter only glances over much of the drama that will eventually play out through some of these social networks, but we will have to wait and see how things change in the future. 

Here’s a link to her article, maybe you can join the conversation.


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