Philosophical Problems Week 2


In my first week, all I did was set up the blog discussion. This week we ask some tough questions.

What PR professionals have that philosophers do not is a voice. A group of philosophers may have great conversations that can lead moral thinking and discourse, but they have no way to convey that information to society in a way that actually makes sense to those outside of philosophy. PR professionals have a voice, but they lack some of the deep thinking education to foresee how something plays out in their future. PR has classically failed to see how their actions would influence the future, let alone the current world around them. What’s scarier is that current prominent thinkers in philosophy have no idea how technology is changing our world. We don’t know how our world is changing and PR will take the front row in some of those changes. 

Those in the PR world; you have a voice. You have influence. Even if your face never show up on T.V. or a magazine, you are influencing peoples lives. Not just their thoughts, or actions, but in all aspects of their lives. Torches of Freedom might have promoted women’s rights, but at the cost of cancer on countless women. How you act can have consequences, so please do us all a favor and learn the act of asking for help. Ask those smarter than you to help guide you. Taking a posture of humility is by far the best and most ethical pattern you can begin develop at any stage of your PR life. 


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