How do we respond to donors? Not well it seems.


Non-Profits rely on donations and that money doesn’t just appear. Gratitude can sometimes be lost in the mission, but according to some findings it’s more often than we would like. Below I’m going to post some of the findings below so that I can reference. 

  • The level of failure of organizations to respond was high across all tests, up to 20 percent.
  • Nearly half of nonprofits don’t promote regular giving to someone who has given a one-time gift.
  • Up to 40 percent of organizations don’t thank donors when they set up a regular gift.
  • It’s not unusual for nonprofits to take weeks, even months, to respond to a simple request.
  • Five nonprofits that sent receipts of confirmations never actually took the donation from the credit card.

Having worded in Non-Profits already, I know it can be challenging to fund raise on top of hosting an event AND finding qualified / willing volunteers. The tragedy happens when people who helped get lost in giving thanks. These results demonstrate not an area of failure, but rather an area of growth. When a parent donates to a fundraiser they have to decide that over saving for their child. Budgeting and sending thank you cars, inviting one-time donors to make a longer commitment can all have tremendous effects on cultivating and meeting a mission. As the saying goes, you aren’t a leader if no one is following you. I strongly encourage all of those in a Non-Profit sector to notice these trends and that they motivate you to take aggressive efforts in thanking people and demonstrating kindness towards those who have shown you kindness. 

Here are a few non conventional ways to show someone you appreciate their donation.

1: Hand written snail mail is more personal. With an ever growing technological world, more and more people are going paperless. People appreciate a hand written thank you over email that was sent to thousands. It may be cheaper but it doesn’t cut the mustard.

2: Banquettes, pizza parties, shindigs: Just inviting someone to a thank you benefit may be enough but who sends a pizza as a thank you? No body. Even better I am sure there are ways to partner with a pizza company to do so. Good press for both sides and your donors are taken care of. 

Whatever you decide, do something to honor those who come along side you to make your mission a reality. 


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