The Philosophical challenges of PR


Being a Philosophy Major in an upper level PR course has both it’s advantages and disadvantages. Some of my peers really know their stuff when it comes to PR and honestly I have been impressed with their work. While this is true there are rising problems in the PR world that are going relatively unnoticed. These tend to be philosophical and ethical challenges are a grand scale that can have great impact on our nation. Over the next quarter I am going to write a series on the philosophical and ethical problems faced in PR world and the challenges that my peers may face as they step out into the work force and hopefully they will find some guiding principles through these discourses and thought provoking blogs. (Assuming of course they are quality). I hope these blogs find those who read them helpful and beneficial, but if nothing else, I hope they encourage thought before action. 

So this first blog is setting the stage up as to what ill define as both philosophy and PR to identify exactly what I mean so as to be clear. Philosophy has all kinds of different areas but each week Ill speak on the challenges faced in what is known as “right” action. That means I hope to challenge actions people take in the PR world with more than just “what does your gut say.”  Philosophy is just talking about and trying to determine why and how we should act. The reason this comes with grave importance is because I believe the PR world is a major player in the unfolding of cultural changes. These changes are both guided by PR and grown out of PR, however, some of these changes have had grave consequences and it becomes immensely important to plan and think about the future before PR happens. People don’t always make the correct choices. We often make mistakes, myself included, but often we fail to see how we messed up. We need to continually be challenged to think about, journal about, dialogue about what we are doing and why if we want this world to have a brighter future.


I hope this blog is beneficial and continues to challenge both those in the PR field and anyone who else who is interested in the topic.


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