A Response to Sally Rutledge-Ott


Early last week my Com 475 class was graced with Sally Rutledge-Ott as a guest speaker. Across the board the class thoroughly enjoyed her teaching and experience. So here are my short thoughts on the encounter.

Sally was a phenomenal contributor to my PR experience. I found her to be interesting and will attempt to sum up my reactions in the classic three positives and a negative. 

1. Communication style and technique: 

Sally had a lot to say on a variety of different subjects! Even though she had a lot to say she captivated our class. She wasn’t just a face on the screen but rather pulled our class into the interaction. While she did dominate much of the lecture, there were instances of intention interaction with us as students that both kept us awake and interested at least enough to try and keep up with what she was imparting to us.

2. Content

Obviously being a professional in the field of work most of class will be entering into she had some funny stories and complications that she had dealt with that will be invaluable knowledge. It gives students the understanding that they are not alone when some of the junk comes up in their careers!

3. Comfortable Setting

At one point her husbands phone rang, she interrupted the entire class and discussion to answer the call and help her husband. I liked this for two reasons. First, it made the interview feel less formal and more entertaining. Second, it showed her affection and relationship with her husband. Both of these interactions are skills she has developed over years to help people make transitions in her field and through her work that come out naturally when she interacts with others.

Lastly, the only negative comment I have towards what she spoke of was when she spoke of being unable to market a Non-Profit organization focused on deaf students. She said she couldn’t market a deaf child so they needed a child in a wheel chair to help get the message across. While I don’t have a different solution for the dilemma because you cannot understand a child is deaf from a picture, her solution raised questions in my mind. it just seemed to me in that marketing scheme that people donating to the non-profit may be mistaken on how the non-profit functions or its goals and leaves the question of “isn’t there a better way” in my mind. 


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