A brief review of World Vision changes


If you haven’t heard of the turmoil surrounded World Vision and current changes then you are out of the loop! A few weeks ago World Vision (US) changed it’s long standing policy on hiring married same-sex Christian couples, only to recant it two days later. The decisions have caused a great uproar around the nation, stirring up strife and perpetuating conflict. One of the consequences of this conflict has been the first resignation of a board member from World Vision. Jacquelline Fuller, a member of the board and the director of corporate giving at Google, resigned. She didn’t agree with the boards decision to recant and was petitioned to resign.


As for my thoughts on the matter. While World Vision has shot themselves in the foot regarding this matter, I think the response from the nation has been over-the-top. First on the donors side, threatening to remove a sponsorship of a child in need because a decision made by executives is a moral failing. It’s not about conservative decisions over liberal decisions. It’s over a child’s empty stomach and broken future. The mission is what is important and those who threatened to withdraw their finances forgot their mission. Secondly, the reactionists need to understand their impact as well. Would it be worth it, to cause even one person to withdraw their donation from World Vision, in order to to accomplish your goals? This wasn’t even a conversation that was happening a month ago. We are so charged on the conversation it’s splitting the nation in two.

What we need is to remember mission. World Vision’s goal is not to be a major figure in the political scene, it’s to help people around the world.


Find the article here: http://www.thenonprofittimes.com/news-articles/resignations-from-world-vision-board-begin/


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