Driscol and His Cross


Over the years, my attitude towards Mark Driscol has been all over the place. There are days his sermons have caused a great stirring inside me and other days I am appalled at his actions. It’s hard to argue against the fact that Mark has put his foot in his mouth on a number of occasions, but my question is one of fruit. Has he produced any good fruit? A question we must always ask ourselves. I don’t do everything correctly. I mess up all the time. I believe false truths about the world and about myself. I get arrogant in my strength and find new weaknesses everyday. Despite all of that I cling to the cross and know I am a beloved child of God and that Mark is too. In Mark’s case, we have praised him for shocking us out of our complacency. He has delivered powerful sermons urging us too take a hard look at our sin and many of those sermons have been uncomfortable for us. He has also crossed the line a number of times.

All that too say, Mark may make mistakes but to ostracize him wouldn’t be appropriate. A Christian leader admits blame. Stops the buck, as it were. Mark is doing that, now whether that’s in response to culture or the stirrings of his own heart, the fact is that he is taking actions steps, which is more than can be said for the rest of us when we face our sins.

We should desire to look towards everyone especially our leaders, with the compassion Christ looked upon us with. We must first address our resentment and begin praying for Mark before we approach him with our frustrations, as true as they may be. This year as he takes time away from social media, let’s join in praying for him and his family rather than holding criticisms in our hearts.


A link to one of the many articles written about Mark and his current situation:



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